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Actor and model Sampada Vaze in our rapid fire round

She is among the most beautiful faces on screen. But there's more to Sampada Vaze than that. She is a model, actor, and an entrepreneur chasing new horizons. When she isn't busy shooting, you can catch her with a book or attacking her workout routine with gusto. She lets us in on her life in this rapid fire section.

The first thing I do when I wake up:

Remember 3 things that I am grateful for-gratitude helps.

The last thing before bed

I meditate.

The only food I can't eat

Anything oily or with too much masala.

Comfort food for me is


3 books/authors I love /swear by

Gone with the Wind-It’s a classic and I love the story of a strong woman surviving against all odds.

Richard Bach who has written Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Bridge Across Forever.

Kavita Kane who writes books from the perspective of famous female characters in Indian mythology. “Sita’s Sister” is one example.

Being beautiful means

You take good care of yourself and look the best you can. Also a beautiful heart shows on your face.

My normal day includes

It varies, depending on whether I am shooting or not. If I am shooting that’s 12 hours spent on sets. But I never miss my workout.

The exercise that helps me the most is

I have lately experienced that yoga is the most holistic exercise. It helps mind and body both.

My nightmare is

My recurring nightmare is darkness. I guess I need to go to a dream analyst to figure out what it means.

I love dogs because

They have the purest hearts.

The one sport I wish I played

MMA really challenges me but I am not able to incorporate it too often into my workout because it’s really physically intense.

Me in the kitchen :

I am a good cook. This was one skill I acquired during the Covid lockdowns.

Dating in today's times is

Easier because of technology and harder because a packed life makes it so.

A holiday must have

A bit of history, lot of new things to experience and see, some adventure and of course good food.

..... Is forever in fashion

Classic is always in fashion.

The role I really want to do is

Where I play a tough character. I have played strong female characters but not a tough one.

If I wasn't an actor I would be

A vet.

On a day off, I ...

Sleep, catch up with friends, read and do all the things that I don’t usually get time for!

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