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Bravehearts on YouTube is a must watch

Did you know the Indian army is the biggest volunteer army in the world and it also controls the highest battlefield in the world that is the Siachen Glacier? All this is possible because of the never-ending number of aspirants who want to serve in the army. Movies like Shershaah and Uri are always loved and have a different kind of fan following. I was very excited to hear about Bravehearts- India’s first army anthology series. The trailer launch of this show was done at Cannes Film Festival 2022 and the first episode was released on the 4th of June on their YouTube channel.

This series will have a different set of characters, different genres, and different stories in each episode but all will be related to the army. The first episode has Shakti Kapoor playing the role of a tailor who makes army uniforms. His character as a tailor is so different from the ones he has played till now that you will definitely love his new avatar. Seeing Shakti Kapoor play such a simple and strong character will make you wonder how the story moves forward. Besides him, the main character of this episode is an orphan kid played by Omkar Kulkarni known for his role in ImMature and The Insiders. He gets thrown out of the orphanage because he has turned 18. From this point onwards the plot gets a new twist because Shakti Kapoor allows this orphan boy to stay with him and study so that he could join the army one day. The rest of the story is all about the boy’s struggles and the hard work that he does to achieve his dream. The episode is full of emotions and how human beings tend to form new bonds. Once you watch the first episode you will want more of it because the actors have worked really hard to show every emotion in the most authentic way possible. The most important thing that the story presents is that failures should never stop you from trying again. After watching the first episode I can say that this series is set to win many hearts and along the way, it will motivate many defense aspirants.

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