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Exclusive Interview with actor Sourav Verma from “The Kashmir Files”

Riding the wave of success of The Kashmir Files, actor Sourav Verma, Afzal in the movie, shares his journey with Uma Karve Chakranarayan exclusively on Spice With Sam.

You will hate him as the terrorist Afzal in the recently released movie The Kashmir Files. That’s because he is so good at it. In real life though, actor Sourav Verma is extremely devoted to India and proud of our defence forces. Absolutely delighted with the audience response to the movie and for his role, Sourav tells us he didn’t expect it to be this good for his very first film.

“I have done a lot of theatre since I started acting in 2009. As an actor, I wanted to do good work, and getting good movies has been a dream,” says Sourav who is from Jammu. Destiny always has plans, like it did for Sourav. Responding to a post on Twitter where director Vivek Agnihotri was looking for cast and crew from Jammu and Kashmir for this film, Sourav got the opportunity to work as a third AD.

“We started preparing for the shoot and work was progressing when a night before I was told to audition for the role of Afzal. We shot the scene the next morning and it drew such a fabulous reaction on the sets itself that my character grew into the movie,” shares Sourav who we see as the terrorist in the shooting scene in the promos. Working with Agnihotri has a special charm for Sourav. “I had seen Tashkent Files and thought I should work with Agnihotri sir. He is among those directors who give space for all actors in their films,” shares Sourav who has been making documentaries since 2015. Sourav’s focus has been on bringing stories on martyrs from our armed forces to the screen.

Sourav’s connection with Jammu and his deep interest in history and research on Jammu Kashmir did help him essay his role better. “Having seen it from up close, through the eyes of martyrs families, through the stories of Kashmiri pandits and Dogras, I knew what terrorism is and how deep and full of suffering its impact is,” he adds. For someone who has made about 250 small videos, visited a number of families of martyrs of our armed forces, wasn’t it difficult to portray a terrorist? “I put in all my love and respect for our men in uniform and turned it around,” says Sourav who grew his locks through the lockdown to maintain his look for his role.

Shot largely in Mussoorie and Dehradun, the message that The Kashmir Files is giving out is that there are movies that can show real events too, cinema can be of this kind. “We hope that more and more people make real stories,” says the 31-year-old actor who continues to grow his tresses for his next role.


Shows you how to act in each breath and with just your eyes. His dialogue delivery is like sniper shots.

Anupam Kher

Words fail me, he knows exactly how much emotion and exactly when to portray it.

Pallavi Joshi

She is simple and beautiful in real life, she brings the feel of home to the sets. We would discuss intense scenes with her.

Vivek Agnihotri

He gives freedom not just to us actors, but to all departments to share thoughts. He is gentle and strict at the same time!

“The film was possible because we were all like a family on the sets. For me personally, working with such stalwarts was like graduating from an academy,” he smiles. You can look up a bit of Sourav’s directorial work in the documentary 26 October, Accession of Jammu & Kashmir to India 1947 on You Tube.


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