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Yukti Kapoor’s Diet Secrets

You know her as Urmila from Siya Ke Ram, as Sudha in Balika Vadhu and as Agni and Ragini in Agniphera. Currently taking the screen by storm as SI Karishma Singh in Sony Sabs hit show Maddam Sir, the simple and easy to talk to Yukti Kapoor lives by the motto that a busy mind is a healthy mind.

While her acting talent is her strength, Yukti knows that she has to back it up with her slim frame and a gorgeous smile. Managing her food becomes all important to keep her screen weight low. "Being a Punjabi, eating parathas is a given. Imagine this, I haven't eaten rotis and parathas in over three years! If you eat right and on time, more than half your job is done," says the pretty Yukti. With that level of commitment, it is no surprise that the actor looks fabulous.

Beginning her day with methi daana (fenugreek seeds) water, she follows it up with a nice black coffee to set the tone for the day. “This gives me the energy I need,” says the vegetarian who will soon be seen in Swarna Swar Bharat (Zee TV).

Working 12 hour shifts leaves her with very little time for herself. “I don't have the time to work out anymore, so I control my food,” she explains. Lunch and dinner comprise leafy greens and dal, sometimes idli sambar and her current favorite -a pasta made of sooji with veggies. Her weakness? Spicy green chilies. She has a juicer on the sets to make a combo juice of beetroot, carrot, apple and tomatoes; a must on all days. "Apart from this, I have two cups of green tea. I strictly have lukewarm water into which elaichi and ajwain are soaked, never room temperature or cold. I listen to my naana-nani's advice and have no meals post 7.30 pm. All this helps my metabolism and keeps me healthy,” she adds.

While you ooh and aah at the diet, Yukti does make allowances twice a week for cheat meals. "I love my food and a pizza or a burger happen. I balance it out on other days,” she says. Yukti does not have a dietitian, she reads up a lot and has created her own diet chart. We can all see the fabulous results!

Given the way showbiz works, Yukti, who also enjoys doing music videos, knows she has to be grounded. "My mindset is such that I don't worry about who is doing what. I am working on myself to become better,” says Yukti who follows good motivational speakers and gurus online and consistently reads up on their teachings too. "What you see and follow should be something you learn from. The most important thing is to keep my mind busy and active, so I don't feel any stress,” she adds.

Her advice to youngsters wanting to join the industry: Worship your work. Don't complain about it. That's sane advice indeed!

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