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Experience the taste of North-East at your doorstep

Have you ever tried Kangshoi which is a vegetable stew or Singju – a kind of salad? If you are thinking that these are some foreign delicacies well you are wrong. These two dishes are from Manipur and are very popular in Manipur. Manipuri cuisine is not very complex, its preparation is very simple yet it is very tasty. Briefly, one can say that their diet includes rice, fish, leafy vegetables, etc. But one thing that makes their food unique is their use of chili pepper instead of garam masala which is mostly used all over India. This makes Manipuri cuisine somewhat spicy. The spices that are used are organically grown and some are even native to Manipur only. So, finding that authentic taste is kind of difficult.

But two young entrepreneurs from Ukhrul, Manipur are trying to bring this unique taste to your doorstep. Hill Wild is a start-up by Zeinorin and Leiyolan, two foodies who are working with the local farmers and are delivering organic spices, chocolates, and sauces. Their inventory includes spices like Mountain Peppers and Sumac Powder. Sivathei chili which is Manipur’s hottest chilies can also be found in their inventory. Hill Wild also offers some unique products like Talui tea and Kongthong honey. This honey is special because it is brought in from Konthong, Meghalaya. The chocolates that are available are also very unique because they have a bar of chocolate with a spicy twist. So, do check out their online store for all these unique products.

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