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Five regional alcoholic beverages from the interiors of India

In India, we have a variety of cultures and landscapes ranging from the beaches of Kanyakumari to the Himalayas in the North. These cultures have their own unique foods and drinks. These local drinks are different from our regular wines and alcoholic beverages but they are a must-try. And if you know about the local drinking culture you can easily find some good alcoholic beverages to have fun and get the party started. Today we will be discussing some regional drinks other than Toddy and Goan Feni because everybody knows about them. Our list includes all those unmatched local alcohols which range from extremely mild to those that give you a hangover the next morning. So, check out these local drinks, and the next time you are in that region do try them.

1. Chaang

It is a good substitute for beer in the hilly regions of India. It originated in the Tibetan and Nepalese regions but you can find it in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, and Sikkim. It is a pretty strong drink and is rumored to be the drink of Yeti.

2. Poro Apong

It is a rice beer usually found in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. It is green in colour and you will definitely relish its taste but don’t drink too much of it because it will get you tastefully drunk. This drink belongs to the Mishing tribe of Assam.

3. Chuwarak

This is a premium local whiskey that is made with ingredients like rice, pineapple, and even jackfruit. This local drink can easily substitute for your high-end whiskeys because it will get you tipsy in a peg or two and it tastes good also. So, when you’re in Tripura do take a sip of this local whiskey.

4. Lugdi

All the movie buffs must have heard this name. This is a famous Himachal drink made from rice or millets and yeast for fermentation. Since Himachal is a cold region this drink keeps the locals warm. It is a strong drink and you will get the taste of wine if the drink has been well kept and rested before consumption.

5. Mahua

You all must have heard about the Mahua flower but this local drink also has the same name. This local wine is prepared from the fermentation of mahua flowers found in central India. The tribals of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh put in a lot of hard labor to deliver a perfect mahua drink. It is moderately trippy and it also has medicinal qualities.

Although these drinks are not those regular bottled wines and hard drinks that we usually like to have but these local drinks depict a strong bond of friendship and culture in the areas where they are served. So, whenever you visit these places do try these local drinks because it will help you in making a bond with the local people and understand the local culture.

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