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Comedy of errors with unexpected twists!

"Hundred" on Disney Hotstar has Rinku Rajguru and Lara Dutta in this comedy of errors. The show starts off with Rinku as a normal middle c ass Census bureau worker with an "ordinary" life who s told she has only 100 days to live. A parallel story running, is that of Lara Dutta as a police DCP with a handsome doting husband (played by

Sudhanshu Pandey). ACP Shukla (Lara Dutta) seems to have her life completely sorted. Or does she?

Directed by Ruchi Narain and Taher Shabbir this dark comedy of errors s quite entertaining. Lara Dutta s bang on as the female cop patronised by a chauvinistic boss (aptly played by Parmeet Sethi) She s also not all white since she has a Lokandwala toy boy on the side (Karan Wahi acing the Haryanvi angle) The humour unexpected and entertaining including a scene where Lara has to participate in a flash mob as the police departments poster girl and a interrogation scene with a drug peddling DJ.Alf the heavy situations are also handled in a light and fun way.

The supporting cast including Arun Nalawade hold up their own well. There is a/so Nethra 's lovelorn boyfriend who is always convinced he is on the verge of striking it rich and that adds another twist to the story. Its' Lara Dutta though who has the strongest presence in the series. We haven't seen her play a woman in uniform before and she aces the body language and expressions completely.

Spoiler-Don't look too hard for logic as to why DCP Shukla recruits Nethra and a random bar scene with Rinku getting drunk. Just enjoy the dark humour and the unexpected twists in this series which keep you watching and guessing.

Overall entertaining and fun!

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