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Hollywood director Robert Vincent O’Neil dies at 91

“High school honor student by day…Hollywood hooker by night”- Director Robert Vincent O’Neil gave this tagline to the movie Angel which released in 1983 and earned cult status as time went by. Robert passed away in his sleep on Saturday but this movie by him gave birth to a whole new class of low budget cinema. Angel went on to become a super hit at the box office and earned 17 million dollars at a time when the budget of the film was 1 million dollars. This movie was about a high school girl who worked as a prostitute after school at Hollywood Boulevard. This film has Donna Wilkes playing the role of Molly Stewart, the high school girl. After this movie O’Neil also co-wrote and directed the sequel of this movie with the name Avenging Angel. This movie was followed by two more parts which gave this movie cult status and a huge fan following. Robert Vincent also has some other famous shows to his name like the Vice Squad (1982), The Baltimore Bullet (1980), and the ultra violent show ‘Lady Blue’. O’Neil was a playwright and his most recent work was Nighthawks. He was still writing plays and developing projects as recently as last year.

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