Is Urfi Javed’s inspiration Julia Fox?

Urfi Javed participated in Big Boss OTT but her unusual fashion sense is the reason why she is always in the headlines. And across the seven seas, we have Italian American actress Julia Fox who is also making headlines with her outfit choices and super bold eyeliner.

Is Julia Fox the inspiration for Urfi Javed’s bizarre fashion choices? Take a look at these pictures and you decide. Julia Fox is best known for the movie Uncut Gems and is known for dating controversial rapper Kanye West. She is known for grabbing eyeballs with her bizarre outfits including a black bikini which she wore with a long denim jacket and matching heeled boots to go grocery shopping. The pictures of her outfit then went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, closer home Urfi is best known as the queen of bizarre outfits. Urfi never fails to surprise her fans with her peculiar fashion sense. She always has some out-of-the-box ideas for her dresses and these outfits have made her quite famous. Urfi has stunned people with her broken glass dress which weighed 20kg and was entirely made of broken glass. This is nothing compared to her dresses made of flowers where she covered her body in flowers only. And last but not least Urfi wore a dress made of her own photos. These experiments with fashion are common with Urfi Javed but can Julia Fox give tough competition to Urfi in this bizarre dress-up challenge? Or will Urfi remain the undefeated champion of bizarre outfits? According to social media following Urfi with 3.2 million followers is definitely way ahead of Julia with 1.3 million followers in this bizarre fashion war.