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Ishan Khatter gets in top shape for Pippa

Ishan Khatter ‘The Suitable Boy’ of Bollywood has recently been setting the internet ablaze with his chiselled body pictures and is inspiring us to push our limits too. And we will be soon seeing him in Pippa with co-star Mrunal Thakur. He will be playing the role of an army officer during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. This movie will be releasing in December 2022. Ishan is Shahid Kapoor’s half-brother and like him Ishan is also a fitness enthusiast and both these men have a dynamic physique. Ishan is not someone who only pumps iron in the gym for fitness, as we can see through his Instagram posts he likes to go out and try out different routines for fitness as well. Ishan’s high octane workouts prove that he likes to push his limits when it comes to fitness. His fitness regime includes dance, calisthenics, weightlifting as well as rock climbing.

Recently he shared some pictures of him doing rock climbing. Before this we had seen him performing pull ups on gymnastic rings. Gymnastic rings are one of the best and most efficient ways to workout. You can do pull-ups, push-ups, dips and various other exercises using them. These exercises help to build up our upper body strength and can be performed by anyone who wants to start their workout journey.

Now, rock climbing being a thrilling sport is also an intense workout that builds up multiple muscles in our body at the same time. Along with this it is always good to go out and get some fresh air. Rock climbing is a full body workout that enhances our flexibility and balance.

Only one thing you need to remember before you go and try rock climbing is that it is not for beginners who have just begun their fitness journey. So, first start out with some upper body workouts like push-ups and pull-ups and build up your core strength. Then you will be ready to go out and try rock climbing.

But for now Ishan Khatter will keep you motivated with his workout posts and if you want to see more of him checkout his last movie Khaali Peeli with co-star Ananya Pandey which released in 2020 for which he had worked really hard on his physique.

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