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Keeping Fit with Aerial Yoga

She is known for her dazzling smile as much as she is for the gorgeous Paithanis that she lovingly designs. Pune based fashionista Mruga Kirloskar tells us that while Mishka the Labrador and Rio the cat give her a wonderful dose of positivity, it is her 6:30 am yoga session that keeps her mind and body on their A game. An entrepreneur, artist, and a mindful citizen, read on to know more about Mruga's love for aerial yoga and traditional yoga.

The transition

As an adult, I started by going to the gym. There was always a new trend of aerobics, aqua aerobics, functional training, weight training, Zumba...I did all of these but I knew that this wasn't exactly what I wanted. I signed up for yoga lessons and that was it. There was no going back. I now do aerial or anti gravity yoga thrice a week and traditional yoga on the other days. It sets the right tone for my day. My initiation to yoga began as a child when I saw my grandfather doing it religiously. It took me 2015 to rediscover it and fall hopelessly in love with it!

Yoga helps

You must surrender to yoga, be like a child listen to the teacher and trust in it. Allow yourself to be guided and you will be surprised with the results. I sailed through menopause without hot flashes, tablets or health issues. I'm sure the only reason is my practice of yoga. My flexibility is excellent with yoga, something which wasn't there with the gym. My priorities right now are health family and work and yoga keeps my health in place!

My diet

The good thing about my diet is that it aligns very well to my lifestyle. I drink enough water, eat every 2 hours, and walk 10,000 steps daily. There is no starvation, no food group eliminated and that is exactly how any diet should be!

What is fitness?

Fitness is never an ultimate goal, its journey. It's not about how much weight you can lift nor is it about how many repetitions you can do or how high you can jump. It is basically about discovering how amazing your body is. With yoga, you learn to accept your body and your body talks to you. Perhaps you can't do a stretch in a good way today but you'll be able to do it better tomorrow. It is about understanding and listening to your body and about feeling what is right for you. Everybody is unique so you set your own benchmarks. Yog is liberating, it aligns your senses and your center of gravity. Leave the rest to your body to show you.

Experience it and you'll be happy with your decision to practice yoga.

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