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Kefi café- Yummy Lebanese cuisine in Goa

In Goa, if you have tried all the local delicacies and you want to try something new, head out to Kefi cafe in Assagao which opened just two years ago. It is a Lebanese cafe that serves the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine and just like true Middle Eastern culture it provides a friendly and warm ambiance for all its diners. Their range of in-house freshly baked goods includes a wide array of bread and goods like brownies, chocolate muffins, and specials like Spinach & Feta muffins. This place also serves some lip-smacking smoothies and freshly brewed coffees and their main course brings you the most exotic and flavourful dishes from the Middle East. Dishes like Maghmoura (a spiced Lebanese stew made with smokey aubergines and chickpeas), Kabsa (a mixed rice dish with spices and dry fruits) are a must-try as is the Levantine platter, which consists of different dips and pita bread. Other than the Mediterranean cuisine they serve burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. But even these food items are heavenly because I tried their chicken burger filled with halloumi cheese and it made my taste buds swoon. So, whenever you are in Goa do checkout the Kefi cafe because the food here is different but at the same time so delicious that you will surely come back for more.

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