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Look good, feel great!

You take one look at his fab abs and you can't help but drool. The secret to keeping them six packs is in his gym workout and his diet. Jay Helms, New York based photographer and actor shares his secrets to looking good and feeling great!

When you look at Jay Helms now, you see a confident, vivacious handsome man, a fantastic photographer and a growing actor. Maintaining that 6 pack is a commitment. Jay, 52 (yes, he doesn't look it) pet parent to 2 dachshunds and 3 birds, and a loving husband to Bubba shares his tips to staying healthy and happy.

The very beginning

“I love to eat everything that's bad for me. Soda, candy bars, a pastry, a fattening lunch, so many things. I don't deny my body that. I simply set a schedule. When I am home I watch everything that I eat (Bubba is an excellent cook) and when I am out, I let myself indulge. Your diet and your commitment to exercise are both important to chip away excesses.

I worked in the hotel industry for many years, and as with many people, I found fitting a time before work for the gym as challenging as committing to a time post work. Missing the gym became acceptable and before I knew it I put on weight!

I found comfort in food, and the weight just piled up. Then I left the industry and decided to refocus on my fitness since all the weight wasn't good for me.

Hit the gym!

The first day that I went to the gym, I simply touched the weights and walked out. The next day onwards, I worked on my routine slowly and sincerely. I don’t do 3 hour workouts everyday, I don't offer myself days off for no reason, and even if I have 20 mins on some days, I workout properly. Even if you just run on the treadmill or move the weights, it helps.

Ultimately, when you look in the mirror, you want to feel that you look good. We all should want that feeling for ourselves. Personally, there's no competition I am entering, its a correction in lifestyle.

Feel good!

There was a time when I wasn't going to the gym. I hurt my knee, and let my mentality override my rationality. I forgot how it makes me feel. So I went back and got my feeling back. It makes you feel you are standing taller. None of us are perfect, you just have to remind yourself to get back to doing what's best for you. Losing weight was among the best feelings for me. I can feel the muscles in my body, it makes me more grounded. Once you start toning up,

the looking good is a bonus, an extra.

Start your journey now. "

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