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Mrs. Serial Killer

Amateurish and irritating.

Frankly whatever is said about this Neflix movie is too much. Nothing can save it-neither the beautiful locations nor two fine actors like Manoj Bajpayee and Mohit Raina.

It's neither a murder mystery, not a thriller nor anything. It's starts off with an extremely contrived and fake looking introduction scene with Jacqueline Fernandez and a female captive. Her husband Manoj Bajpayee (who is a gynaecologist) is arrested for a series of murders of pregnant women. The expensive defence lawyer advises Jacqueline that she should commit a similar crime while her husband is in j ail to deflect suspicion from him. Mohit Raina, who is the police inspector in charge of the case is also Jacqueline's ex boyfriend. That's the basic plot of the film and I am telling you that because I don't recommend that you watch this disaster.

The plot is shaky and with a lot of unintentionally funny scenes including when Jacqueline wears a cap as a disguise and the person she is chasing apparently doesn't recognise her even though they are standing literally rubbing shoulders with each other and have a conversation. Another is when she has kept a women captive and uses a phone to convert her voice into a mans voice. That scene has to be one of the worst and most fake looking scenes I have ever seen.

Jacqueline who is the centre point of the movie is just fake and unconvincing throughout. A lot of her dialogues and expressions are just unintentionally funny. A fine actor like Manoj Bajpayee is made into almost a caricature and completely wasted. Mohit Raina is the only saving grace but nothing can save "Mrs. Serial Killer".

If you have any pending housework in this lockdown, please complete that instead of watching this complete disaster.

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