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Payal Shankar, digital creator

She is all things positive. Her simple mantra is to have everything in balance and to go with the flow. Payal Shankar, an influencer, digital creator believes in early to bed early to rise!

Comfortable in her curves, Payal smiles, “Before marriage I was shamed for being too skinny. After marriage and a child, I was shamed for being fat! It doesn’t matter. I celebrate everybody’s uniqueness through my blog Payal Scribbles. A practicing Buddhist, she tells us about her typical day.

The routine

“My day begins with chanting which sets the tone for the day. The morning hours are devoted to work, where shoots for content, client meetings, planning for the next few days and writing take priority. The second half is devoted to family. By and large I do everything at my pace. Luckily the kind of work I do allows it!

Instagram is a 24 x 7 job, so it is tempting to keep checking up on my posts, but I switch off. I check it only at night. This detox is very important. Often, I sleep even earlier than my son, so my husband takes over. 10.30 pm is lights off for me.

My health

I do a mix of strength training, a walk, twice a week pilates and yoga. I started pilates just three years ago and think it is very liberating. A yoga practitioner for years, I also do yoga for relaxation.

I also party, but ensure that I eat wholesome food, add fruits and nuts (that I love) to my diet. A Punjabi married to a South Indian, our kitchen has a varied fare all the time.

Apart from that, I am blessed to have friends and family who are my cheerleaders but also the ones who keep me grounded. Exercise, good food and the right people are important for my well being.


Meditation calms me down, it makes my start to the day perfect. Every time I need to rejuvenate, I meditate. I work with different people who have different strategies for doing things, meditation helps here too. When I want to retrace my steps, get into action, introspect, I turn to meditation. Also, when something is not right within, only you can set it right. The answer again is in meditation.

Everybody should practice some meditation. It helps you introspect, find answers to your questions for yourself. It gives you inner peace.

Tip for the day

We are used to putting others before us. I always say that you should love yourself first - when I am happy, I don’t create chaos.“

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