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Police officer and model from Sikkim- Eksha Subba wins hearts

In a country like ours, it is not often that we hear about women who are doing extraordinary deeds. But recently in news Eksha Subba is one of those marvelous women who is breaking all boundaries and has become an inspiration to millions. Eksha Subba is only 21 years old and is originally from the beautiful state of Sikkim. She is a police officer by profession and also a national-level boxer who loves riding bikes but this is not it, Subba has also been a model on the television show MTV Supermodel of the Year. Eksha revealed in an interview with a local newspaper that her biggest motivator was her father who always supported her in her journey. Eksha has represented her state at the national level and in the television show she had reached the top-four spot.

Eksha has won the hearts of many in the entertainment industry and she also received a standing ovation from one of the judges- Malaika Arora. Eksha is a woman of many talents and because of her versatile nature, she has earned the respect of many people. Even Anand Mahindra, chairman of the Mahindra group praised her in a tweet. Eksha has proven that nothing is impossible for a woman to achieve if she has the will and the right kind of support in her life. We hope that many will take inspiration from her story and in the future, we will see more such inspiring stories.

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