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Relationships in focus

Kranti Redkar is all excited about 2022. This year the talented actor gets to wear her director's hat again for the movie Rainbow that she has also written! If that’s not enough, Kranti gets to direct the gorgeous Sonalee Kulkarni, Urmila Kothare, Prasad Oak and Rishi Saxena. Kranti says, “They are all good friends also very good artists. That's why I'm so excited to work with them. I am sure the audience will love this movie. It is a complex bouquet of emotions that will linger on your minds.” Kranti made her directorial debut with the film 'Kaakan' a few years ago.

Rainbow is produced by Akshay Bardapurkar, founder of Planet Marathi and Hridaya Banerjee of Mangorange Productions.Akshay adds, “With Rainbow, viewers will be able to experience the colorful journey of today's relationships." We look forward to it!

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