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Shri Rama Narayanam temple is another gem of Indian architecture

India is the land of spirituality and tranquillity. This spirituality is visible through the magnificent temples that we have and the holy places that are present across India. Rama Narayanam temple which is located in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh is also one such place. This temple is inspired by the epic Ramayana and Lord Rama’s ideology. As you step inside the temple complex you can see the whole story of Ramayana being depicted by colorful idols. The green color of the complex is soothing to the eyes and the variety of flora and fauna which also includes several sacred trees is also a comfort to watch. The temple is a two-story structure constructed in the form of a bow and arrow which is grand and mesmerizing.

The evening is the best time to visit this temple because the lush green lawns are lined with large fountains which provide a gentle touch of the evening breeze. The bright and colorful lights present in the complex give this place a different touch. Apart from this soul-touching experience the temple complex also holds a Veda Paatashala where you can study the four Vedas. Regular cultural programs and classical dances are held for the visitors. The main thing that sets this temple apart is that it doesn’t accept donations. This temple is a must-visit because it will rejuvenate you and you will learn something new about the Hindu religion.

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