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Taher Shabbir in rapidfire mode

He is a fabulous actor and a well read and articulate conversationalist. Taher Shabbir is also an engaging writer and a director under his own banner RAT Films. We have seen him as Sangram Singh in Manikarnika, Sid Kappor in Fan and Danish Beig in the Netflix film Guilty. Among his pet projects was Hundred starring Lara Dutta that streamed on Hotstar that he co-produced, co-directed and co-wrote!

Talking about life, spirituality, books, food, love and everything in between, Taher shares snippets from his life with Spice with Sam.

The favorite role you have played? Has to be the Goan gangster in the show called Poison 2. After one particular scene, the entire unit clapped for my performance. It felt so good!

The best compliment you’ve got

It was an awards night. Akshara, me and Aditi Rao Hydari were standing when Amitabh Bachchan came, hugged me and told me I will do really well. It was surreal.

Who is the funniest actor you have worked with? Rishi Kapoor. He was the cutest teddy bear even when he was angry. I miss him.

An app on your phone that you really like

I hate my phone. I think technology is a bane on the planet. But, we have to live with it, so I’d say WhatsApp makes life easier.

What are you looking forward to right now? I am looking forward to entertaining more and more. I want to make the audience laugh and I want them to cry with my films.

The person you can’t live without

My mother. She has become a 1000 times more precious to me, like a crystal so rare.

A dish that signifies home or Maa ka khaana My mother’s famous and tasty dal chawal paleeda. Nobody makes it like her.

If your life had a theme song

It would be one of these

Mein zindagi ka sath nibhata chala gaya


Sajan re jooth mat bolo

What would you call your biopic? I grew up in a chawl. My parents ensured we went to a good school, they worked on our etiquette and took us to Oberoi for a meal though it was just a pizza that we all shared. Mom served us breakfast in bed, even if it was just a cup of milk or some tea. Everything was done in style to make us appear princely. I always thought my dad – who was quite famous - was a king and I was a prince. That’s why the name would be The Prince of Bhendi Bazaar.

If love was a dish what would you put in it? Lust, and it would be the best dish ever.

One line that you use to charm your wife

Please maaf kardo.

What is the best thing about being married?

You get another family free! Now I have two sets of parents who adore me!

What makes a man a gentleman? Great parenting. All the values that come into an adult depend on what a child watches growing up in his or her parents.

What book has inspired you?

There are many. I used to read a lot of biographies when I was growing up, Charlie Chaplin’s was a favorite. I enjoy reading up on various religions. Among my early fiction favorites was Sidney Sheldon’s Kane and Able.

The last thing you ate was Naankhatai that my brother sent. I had to give him feedback.

If you had one day to relax what would you do? I’d go horse riding.

The best part of your day The sunset. I live on the 52nd floor and love to watch sunsets and the occasional sunrise.

Finish the sentence: Bad habits are…


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