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The Adam Project-Spice Review

If you want to experience time travel and have some fun family time this weekend, watch this witty action filled movie-starting Ryan Reynolds-The Adam Project.

The Adam Project is the latest Netflix movie which has been released this Friday. This is a sci-fi action movie in which through the magic of time travel, a man from the future teams up with his younger self to try and prevent a catastrophe. This breezy but heartfelt version of Back to the Future currently streaming on Netflix stars Ryan Reynolds as a wisecracking time traveller. Ryan Reynolds teams up again with director Shawn Levy after his last year’s hit Free Guy, and this movie has a lot of that same video game energy. Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner also star in this movie.

Newcomer Walker Scobell plays young Adam, a young nerd who’s basically a bully magnet. Less than 10 minutes into the film we can see young Adam exploring the woods with a flashlight, making us remember ET. But instead of an alien he finds an injured Ryan Reynolds. As the movie plays on, we can see that Reynolds has brought with him some bad guys from the future and he stylishly defeats them with his futuristic not-a-lightsabre weapon which makes the bad guys evaporate in bright colours. This makes the movie suitable for kids to watch alongside parents. The film’s biggest strength is the amount of time spent in establishing the emotional stakes. Before all the action begins, young Adam can be seen dealing with the loss of his father. We can see in a scene in which Reynolds meets his mom, played by Jennifer Garner. The actors are given room to breathe and the result is that the rest of the film’s fast paced action is underpinned by genuine warmth.

All the actors have given a top-notch performance. The Adam Project is an entertaining, high paced movie with dialogues that will leave you in splits. If you are looking for an exhilarating experience that throws up unexpected surprises at every turn this movie is highly recommended.


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