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The complete package!

We all remember him as Anshuman from “Jab We Met". But there's a lot more to Tarun Arora than that. Tarun is one of India's supermodels who post winning the Gladrags contest endorsed a slew of top fashion brands. He is also a well known actor in the South Indian film industry and we recently saw him

In the movie “Laxmii". If you saw his drool worthy abs and would like to know the secret for that and his longevity in an industry famous for its fickleness, read on! Fit is always in

"With the industry I am in and the lifestyle that comes with it, being fit physically and mentally is all important. When you are in front of the camera, you are selling yourself as a package, so offer the best you have! Working on your physique and your looks is very important. If you are physically fit, it helps in being mentally strong too. At the end of the day, your skill set, your craft counts as much as how you package yourself. For me health means consistency in workout and a balance to what you eat. That does not mean that I eat only healthy stuff, just that I'm a little careful.

Being an entertainer

Playing negative roles doesn't affect me because I don't take my baggage home. If you do that, how do you separate your work space from home? Also, remember that playing a negative character doesn't make you bad. You don’t become extremely good when you essay a positive character either.

As an entertainer, I bring out the best way I can to any role, positive or negative and that's how it should be.

My exercise

Running is part of my meditation. With every step, I can feel myself breathing in and out. When I run, I push myself, recap my day, reconnect with myself. I run anywhere whether on a track or a ground. I also do weight training, play football, sometimes beach volleyball. Earlier I played a lot of table tennis.

Advice to youngsters

We live in an industry where rejection is seen often. To be mentally strong, make rejection your best friend. We don't get every role we audition for. Remember it is just a test and better things will come your way. When you do get a role, don't let your ego take that to your head. Every audition gives you a chance to face the camera and enriches your experience. Take each experience and move on."

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