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The Fish Thali

Yummy seafood with the Prawn Khichadi and the Chicken Sandan as my favourites! Location- FC Road, Deccan, Pune. Average Cost of a Meal for 2- Rs 1500 approximately with the Thalis being priced at Rs 750 per head! Ambience- Cozy and comfortable- This family owned and run restaurant is located on the 1st Floor on the busy Fergusson College Road.

Cuisine- I did ask them about whether they would like to classify it as Gomantak or Maharashtrian or any kind of cuisine in particular. They explained to me that their menu is an ode to sea food lovers and the dishes have inspiration from Maharashtrian, Saraswat, Goan and Konkan cuisine. The creative chef (who is also the owners mom) has experimented with various cuisines to come up with various mouth smacking tastes.

We were served a tasting menu so that we could sample as wide a variety of their dishes as possible and a special mention to the fact that they DO NOT serve frozen fish or meats so whatever you are served here is absolutely fresh. The food was yummy-you could tell it had no preservatives or taste makers added and you felt you were eating at the home of a specially skilled cook. Recommended- A special mention for the Prawns Khichadi served with Mirgunda and the chicken curry with Sandan. The fried fish and prawns were so fresh and yummy that I could have gone on eating it if I hadn’t stopped myself forcibly. Also do try the Prawns Sautallela which is prawns sauteed in onion-it’s a sweet and tangy preparation. Anyone with a sweet tooth will be delighted with the Ukdiche modak-I don’t have a sweet tooth at all but even I couldn’t resist the freshly made Modaks with warm ghee poured on top just before you ate it. Service- The owners, Hrishikesh and Shibani Samel quite often come to the tables themselves to recommend something or to ask you what you would like. I’ve always felt the personal interest taken by the owners is always one of the key factors that makes sure your dining experience is memorable always and I was not disappointed. The place is small however so make sure you get there early so that you get a table and parking on FC Road is a nightmare so be prepared for that. Enjoy!

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