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Unique tribal foods in India

Usually, we read about exotic foods from cultures and countries around the world. Some of these food items are expensive like Caviar (unfertilized fish eggs), Foie gras (liver of duck or goose) and some are so unique like tarantula spider, tuna eyes, fugu (a poisonous fish). We usually read about such food items but do you know that you can try some exotic food items in India also. Because in India many tribes also have a variety of unique and exotic food items. Some of those exotic tribal food items like worms, ants, and snails are not so mouth-watering when you hear their names but they are worth a try. Read on to know more about these unique tribal food items of India.

1. Silkworm Pupa

This dish is an exotic Assamese delicacy which is also called Polu or Leta and is prepared from the silkworm’s pupa. After the silk is separated from the cocoon it is prepared using some local spices. The pupae are usually steamed or boiled and the locals love this dish as a snack that is usually served with drinks.

2. Red ants

This is a favorite dish among the tribals of Chattisgarh. Red ant chutney or locally known as Chaprah is prepared from dried red ants and their eggs. The dried ants and eggs are ground with tomatoes, chilies, coriander, garlic, and some spices. The result is a smooth orange paste with a pungent smell. This chutney is supposed to have medicinal qualities.

3. Frog Legs

This dish is one of the most exotic dishes for the people of Sikkim. This dish is prepared and relished by the Lepcha community of Sikkim. This amphibian’s legs are usually battered and fried for good taste. They are believed to have medicinal qualities that can cure stomach problems.

4. Snails

Even the thought of eating something slimy like a snail will make some of you sick. But fried snails with rice is a delicacy in Odisha. This state has the highest number of tribes in India and Odia cuisine is natural, safe, and nutritious. So, if you are visiting Odisha between April and October, do try these fried snails if you have a knack for some exotic tribal food.

These food items that have been described above are a staple part of the diet of these tribes for centuries. So, if you are a hardcore foodie who does not care about the ingredients of the food and is only out to have a taste of different cuisines from all the cultures then these unique food items are you, so do try them whenever you get a chance.

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