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Vikings: Valhalla will continue on Netflix

Vikings or the Northman have found a way to the western lands. They are coming with their axes and shields banging to the cries of Valhalla. Watch their breath taking journey across the ocean to the western land. This series is currently streaming on Netflix.

Last month on February 25, Netflix released a new historical show named Vikings: Valhalla. But actually it is a spinoff of Vikings, one of the best shows in the historical epics category. Vikings premiered in 2013 on History channel, although it was not a documentary or an educational series, the series had taken its storyline from both historical record and fiction. The combination of these gave us such an awe filled, gritty, action filled series that Netflix bought its rights and now one can watch all the six seasons of Vikings on Netflix.

Viking is a term that many historians commonly associate with the Scandinavian word ‘Vikingr’ meaning pirate. But this term was actually used as a verb by them for when the men went on expeditions during summer time. While watching the series we will see that almost all the expeditions are shown as raids and looting of monasteries but the reality was different. Viking were also known as Norseman or Northman, they were from the Scandinavian region. Basically they were farmers but the growing population at home prompted them to go on expeditions and find new land for their families.

This is also where the Viking series starts off and this is where we see Ragnar Lothbrok who is a simple farmer in his homeland as he discovers a way to navigate the ocean and find new land. Ragnar Lothbruk is a prominent figure in the Norse sagas and stories about the voyages and battles of the Norseman. As you will see in the series that Vikings had outstanding engineering's kills and advanced sailing and navigational skills. Their culture was a non-literate culture and they had ‘runic’ alphabets. Basically, they described their world and themselves through rune stones. The women in this culture were free and equal to men in every way possible.

The Viking women were also fearsome warriors and went on raids with the men. They had their own Norse religion in which Odin was their supreme God. At this point if you're wondering if this is the same Odin of the Marvel universe, then yes its the same one.

Here I would like to highlight that Vikings believed that whoever died on the battlefield was taken to Valhalla. This place is like a great hall where all warriors feast with Odin and singsongs of their valor. This term Valhalla is something that you will hear in the series almost very five minutes because in Viking culture it was considered as a sign of pride and glory to die on the battlefield and go to Valhalla. Instead of fear, Valhalla made the Vikings love death and this made them the fiercest warriors of their time.

The saga of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons does not have any solid proof because the Vikings did not leave behind any written documents about their travelling expeditions, and the ones that exist came years later from other cultures that were in contact with them. So, while watching the series keep in mind that the series was made for entertainment purposes and not to educate. But this series created by Michael Hirst will definitely arouse your curiosity and get you interested in the Viking culture.

After you get introduced to Viking history through the Vikings series, you will definitely crave for more. And to satiate that hunger of watching shields banging, men hacking into each other and cries for Valhalla we would recommend to you the spinoff of the original series-Vikings: Valhalla. This show is set 100 years after the events of the original series. This show picks up at a point when the age of Vikings is coming to an end. The creator of the original show Michael Hirst is not behind this spinoff but is as executive producer. The creator of Vikings: Valhalla is Jeb Stuart who has scripted blockbusters like Die Hard and The Fugitive.


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