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Weekend Watch- Vikram Vedha on Hotstar

Vikram Vedha the Tamil blockbuster is being remade in Hindi with the same name. The original film which released in 2017, featured R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in lead roles. Vikram Vedha is an action thriller inspired by the Indian folktale Baital Pachisi also known as Vikram-Betal. In the Tamil version we see Madhavan as the upright cop Vikram, who has the responsibility of capturing Vedha played by Sethupathi. As soon as Vikram starts hunting Vedha, he surrenders himself and this leads to the first of three conversations. Each of which ends on the same question: Who is right and who is wrong? “We are the same, you and I,” Vedha tells Vikram.

The fugitive reminds the cop that there are no differences between the murders he has committed and the encounters that Vikram had staged. As the conversation proceeds further, we get to know about Vedha’s early years in crime, his dealings with his boss and an event that had threatened to erase the already porous line between good and evil.

In the Hindi remake Vedha is Hrithik Roshan, who tells three stories to Vikram played by Saif Ali Khan. These stories will make him question his choices and will change the perception of good and evil. Saif has bulked up for the role and has a tough cop look in the movie and Hrithik has also sported a salt-and-pepper look. Apart from Saif and Hrithik, this movie will have Radhika Apte reprise the role of Shraddha Srinath who portrays the role of a human rights lawyer who represents Vedha. She was paired opposite Madhavan in the original movie.

The remake will be directed by the same director duo Pushkar and Gayathri who directed the Tamil version. While the Tamil version was shot in India only, the remake has been shot in Dubai. So, we can hope to see a glossier version of the original in the Hindi remake. The original movie had borrowed ideas from Hollywood films such as Training Day and The Dark Knight. Vikram Vedha is an ethics lesson wrapped into the conventions of a crime thriller. The Hindi remake is slated to release on September 22 but before that the original one is a must watch for all Bollywood fans who are waiting for the remake.


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